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Herentals is on the track!

After the complexes of Mouscron (2015) and Kortrijk Xpo (June 2020), BattleKart will see a new center emerge from the ground in Belgium, this spring.

The brand will set up in Herentals (province of Antwerp) and our new complex is expected to open in March 2021, dependent on the aftermath of the Covid crisis.

The work is in progress, and it will be a semi-construction on a former Belgian Defense barracks.

After the openings abroad (Tours, in France and Bispingen in Germany) by franchisees, the BattleKart family continues to grow, and other surprises could occur in the course of this year 2021 …

Stay tuned!

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Opening in Tours!

Quentin, Valère and Sébastien went to Tours the 27, 28 and 29th of October to finalize the installation. As usual, we had some surprises but nothing really problematic and everything was working fine when the team left… Now, we just have to wait the end of the COVID measures in France to be able to open. You’ll also see hereby some pictures taken by Cedric during one of his visits there…

More infos?

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Opening in Bispingen!

After several months of work, the Bispingen complex (60km south of Hamburg) opened its doors on October 2! Michael Kolbinger and his team have done a tremendous job and in record time, and the BattleKart franchise has just made a remarkable appearance on German soil.

Everyone is now waiting for the reopening, the Covid and the new measures decided in Germany having forced our friends from Bispingen to already temporarily close their doors.

Welcome to BattleKart Bispingen, to whom we wish every success!

BattleKart Bispingen’s website

A short video showcasing BattleKart Bispingen

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